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Fanart from sANsMelody!

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My very good friend finished his Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time recreation in Minecraft!

It’s got both versions, past and future, both with their respective landmarks.

Go to the link to check out the trailer, and download it for yourself!

I’m speechless….I must play this map!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! <3

genderdontmatter asked:
Hey Lauren, I just had too say I love your gaming channel! You're really funny and seem like a really awesome person! Keep making them awesome videos, and happy Valentines Day!

What a great Tumblr valentine! :D I’m glad you enjoy my videos, thanks for taking the time to let me know and Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! <3

This Game Will Blow Your Mind!! - Dog Feeding Simulator 2014

Feeding your dog is AWESOME and now you can feed your dog anytime, anywhere, for FREE with Dog Feeding Simulator 2014!! Prepare to be mind blown with this intense indie game!!

Outlast Scary (& Funny) Best Reactions Compilation

I had so many scary (& funny) moments playing Outlast that I had to make a montage of them all…Enjoy!


Game Boy Color.
by Zeke Tucker.

Available on Society6.

Minecraft Hunger Games with Yammy xox

Just posted a special episode of Minecraft Hunger Games with the wonderful miss Yammy! Had a blast playing together, check it out! <3

LaurenzSide of Life

Just published my first blog post today! Make sure to check out LaurenzSide of Life, my new blog where I write about everything and anything! If you’re on BlogLovin, make sure to follow me on there as well. ^_^

No worries, I will still be posting to Tumblr! This new blog will be more for written posts and things unrelated to gaming/YouTube. Tumblr will remain a place where I post links to my videos and reblog gaming awesomeness!